Got Healing

I have met many people in my journey towards healing. These people infleunced my recovery. My grandmother, my girlfrinds, a pastor, my co workers, my carpool budies, my couselors, many teachers including mentors,  and most importantly God.

My maternal grandmother taught me to pray and never give up. She always listened, she prayed for for faithfully. She taught me to love God.


The first person  I ever shared my story, my voice was Jennifer H.


God gave me her a best friend when I was hurting the most in the 1970’s, she listened, never passed judgment, gave advice when asked. My story had me feeling shame. Gradually, I began to heal because of her love.

The next person was a doctor. I went through a pain center in the 1980’s and as I learned to deal with the migraines, I explored my feelings. I will always be thankful for this doctor because he would not let me believe lies. I had to face the truth.

There is a teacher in my journey. I met her when I went back to college as an adult. This teacher encouraged me to become a nurse. I really needed success. Because of her encouragement early in my schooling in the 1980′ s I now have my master’s degree in nursing.

My journey of healing has included many other people. Two trusted pastors, I had three women pray with me through Neal Anderson Steps To Freedom. I attend many bible studies, Bible Study Fellowship, mentors such as Becky Tirabassi, and Wendy Pope. Proverbs 31, JoAnn Fore.

Freedom in Christ ministry has been instrumental in my healing. I joined this ministry in 1995.

In 1990 at a high school reunion, I reconnected with a high school acquaintence. Today we are best friends. Her name is Jenifer. She listens but is not afraid to tell me the truth I need to hear. Do you have a friend that will do that for you?

Where would I be without Jesus. He is my advocate. He is one I trust with all my hurts. God catches all my tears. He hears and knows my voice. As I read a blog, listen to a sermon, read his word, my scars, my fears, my pain are healing. God is in control of my life. There is a song, Something beautiful, something good, all my confusion, he understood, all I had to offer him was brokeness and strife and he made something beautiful out of my life,


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