Got Devotions

The first class I attended on how to have a quiet time was in the 1990’s based on a book, Lord I Am Listening. I wish I knew the author or still had the book as I think it is out of print. This was when I first learned to write my prayers out. I named my first journal after a title in Billy Graham’s magazine where poems were written, it was called the Quiet Heart. Later, my church had a three ring notebook journal that I loved it had a place for requests, messages, etc. Soon I evolved to writing in any journal, composition book, college ruled note book paper,  and I have been known to use a paper napkin at a resturant.

My attempts at prayer journals were lined pages of paperand paper dividers. My quiet heart had a section for poems that I found. Also I would write out verses in calligraphy on plain note book paper. When I had the opportunity one summer to teach the children on prayer I designed pages for children to write out their prayers based on the acronmyn, ACTS. Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication.

As one knows, a person can pray anywhere. I have had many 911 prayers. I say a prayer in my head before I walk into a patient’s room. I was in a formal leadership group and we would start with audible  prayer:  praise, thanksgiving and then our requests. I have attended concerts of prayer where prayer was mixed with music. When Anne Graham Lotz came and spoke in San Diego I was with a team who prayed over ever seat in the Sports Arena. I pray in my car. I pray when I see someone hurting. I have been trained as an Encourager in a ministry at my church where I pray with a woman who is using the booklet, Steps to Freedom, by Neal T. Anderson. This is an intense time of prayer as the person prays through a fierce spiritual inventory and the hardest step, is step three, Forgiveness.

My sisters in the Lord Jennifer that I met in 1977 she and I had many times on our knees praying for our families. I loved that time when we would openly praise God and she would praise God for who He is and then I would praise God for who he is, the memories of those times are so sweet. Now we have to text as she is in North Carolina. But if I need prayer, I know she is only a phone call away.

The system I have used since 2005 is Becky Tirabassi’s My Prayer Partner. Eight sections, Praise, Admit, Requests, Thanks, Listening, Messages, New Testament, Old Testament, Proverbs and a To Do section. The hardest part for me is Listening but God tells us in Psalm 46:10 Cease Striving (Be Still)  and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

One might ask why I write my prayers. I have always wanted to write and this was a good way to have a diary of the events that were happening in my life. I also found that journaling kept me awake. When I first started, I was not a morning person so I asked the Lord to make me a morning person. Since I wasn’t a morning person as I wrote my prayes, I stayed awake. Now I am a morning person and I write my prayers to praise My Lord, to cherish my relationship with Him, to see the answers to my prayers. To affirm His Holy word in my life.

Trust me I am not perfect. I have confessed many times to God and asked for forgiveness for prayerlessness in my life. I wake up with a headache, I sleep in past the alarm and I am running out the door without my queit time. Recently I read a book called I Am Not But I Know I Am by Louie Giglio, he explained that the evening is a good time to pray to God. I always knew that praying in the evening is fine because God’s word says pray without ceasing. I Thessalonians 5:17. My other sweet sister in the Lord, Jen meets with the Lord in the evening. Becky Tirabassi designer of My Prayer Partner,  author of Let Prayer Change Your Life, and Change Your Life in the eight daily to do’s, and many more books, she encourages a person one day in advance make an appointment with God. Then keep the appointment, it does not matter what time we meet with the Lord, he just wants us to meet with Him.

Sometimes I write a line in each sections, sometimes I write a page, sometimes I am in the admit section asking why does procrastination create havoc in my life. But what I do know is that when I do not have my devotional time either in the morning, or at my lunch break or in the evening, I miss God. So to the best of my ability, one day in advance, I book an appointment with the Kings of Kings, the Lord of Lords, The Great I Am.

Father God I praise you for who you are, you are the alpha the omega the beginning the end. There is no one who loves me as you love me. You called me and tell me I am fearfully and wonderfully made. You gave us Your Word, filled with promises. You are amazing and awesome, bold and beautiful, caring, devoted, everlasting, forever. You are Grace, Holy, Immutable, Just, Kind, Loving, You are omnipotent, You are Peace, You are my Quiet Place, You are My Redeemer, You sanctify me, You are Trust, Unfailing in your Love, You are Xcellent, You are Yahwei—Lord Jehovah. You are my everything. I am in awe of your majesty. You meet my every need.

There is a song that I sing, ” Something beautiful, something good, all my confusion, He understood, all I had to offer Him was brokeness and strife, but He mad something beautiful out of my life.’

Another one is, “Whisper a prayer in the morning, whisper a prayer at noon, whisper a prayer in the evening, to keep your heart in tune.

Whether you write your prayers, or pray your prayer out loud, God wants a relationship with each of us. I often imagine Jesus waiting for me where I go to write to my God. In order to have Soul Control that KarenEhman talks about in Chapter Nine Let Go and Let God, I have to meet with my King. My Abba Father, My Father God, My daddy on a daily basis. Blessings…


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  1. julie3344 says:

    Thank you for this post! I write my prayers too, mostly because if I don’t, my mind wanders and I get sidetracked. And keeping a prayer journal is a great way to see God’s gloryin answered prayers. I think I’ll check out the prayer books you mentioned. They sound like good tools for a rich quiet time!

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