Got Forgiveness?

Have you ever made foolish choices? As a child, I stole some things from the local Woolworth’s, I was not caught at the store but I had a very smart mother and she knew the things I was playing with she had not purchased. Once confronted, I felt shame. I FEARED that God would not forgive me, I was young and did not understand that forgiveness is God’s business.

FORGIVENESS is an integral part of our walk with God. He wants us to forgive. He forgives us as far as east is from west. He commands us to forgive. Many say, I forgave however forgiveness is not complete unless one visits the core of the pain the misdeed caused one to suffer. Once we forgive, the person is off our hook and on God’s hook. He is the only fair judge.

My heart was burdened with much unforgiveness. Then I went through Neal Anderson, Steps To Forgiveness in 1995. I forgave irrational and rational grievences. For example, an irrational one, I forgave my mom for dying, I was impacted when she died when I was twenty-five years old. I forgave my dad, he walked away from the ministry when I was two, and walked the lonely road of alcoholism for fifteen years. I forgave him for the years of alcoholism and for pulling me out of the church I was going to when I was seventeen because he was back in church serving God. I forgave my husband for some serious offences. I forgave many others that day but the most important person I forgave was myself, yes I forgave myself for stealing when I was twelve years old. I forgave myself for the years I made some serious wrong choices in relationship to my husband. In the last ten years I have had situations with two different bosses in management that I had to forgive. I realize that some times, I would rather focus on the pain instead of forgiving. When I can focus on forgiveness and visit why I am hurting,  the pain is less, an in my experience forgivenness heals.

So now I try to walk in forgiveness. These words have changed my life. Lord, I chose to forgive _____________ for ____________ and it made me feel ___________. I said try because some days I want to hang on to my hurts, then I realize I am the one being hurt when I hold on to these grievances. Neal Anderson’s work on Freedom In Christ, changed my life. Keep a short list of wrongs and a long list of thankfulness. Blessings… Diana


8 Responses to Got Forgiveness?

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I too read Neal Anderson’s book years ago. Back then, I didn’t really need to forgive deep offenses as I have had to do in recent years.
    Time to pick up the book again. God bless you for having been given the grace for your process.

  2. securelyheld says:

    Thank you for this, Diana. Neil Anderson really has a way of getting to the “heart” of the issue. Forgiveness is a hard thing and requires us to drink deeply of His grace.

  3. saleslady371 says:

    Yes, some days it is very hard to forgive. Your message is right on.

  4. It so so hard to forgive and sometimes we still hold onto those painful memories. Thank you for sharing.

  5. shanyns says:

    Bless you Diana. Love this post and I love your voice.

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